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since her murder? >>> after wrapping their final debate, president obama and mitt romney jumped back on the debate trail looking for every last vote. the campaign planned to spend all of their time in a handful of battle ground states? >>> the dust is still settling from last night's debate. trying to win an election that many say is too close for comfort. the president rallied voters in florida and once again accused his republican challenger of having a selective memory. >> if you say you love american cars during the debate but you wrote an article that says "let detroit go bankrupt" you might have ronnesia. that is not leadership you can trust. you know me. you can trust that i say what i mean. >> the president is also targeting voters in ohio today teaming up with biden in dayton. romney has rallies in nevada and colorado. they are spending the next few weeks in the battle ground states. polls show the candidates are virtually tied. they are expected to spend around $100 million on tv ads from now until election day. romney continues to ham near the president on voter's number 1
that the safety harnesses helped save them and neither were hurt. >>> mitt romney back out on the campaign trail with a little extra pep in his step following his performance during last night's first presidential debate. in fact he is repeating today some of the very same lines he used last last night against president obama. we will have the rest of that story at the white house. certainly invigorated his campaign. now a day later, the obama camp is trying to use his words against him. the crowd at the conservative conference in colorado welcomed mitt romney with thunderous applause on saturday. it was a victory lap. >> trickle down government that the president proposes is one where he will raise taxes on small business, which will kill jobs. i instead want to keep taxes down on small businesses to create jobs. >> an instant cbs news poll of the uncommittedded voters showed that he won the first debate by a margin of 2-1. speaking on thursday, he continues to draw contrast with the president. >> we don't measure compassion on how many people to put on food stamp and how many you can get a go
, that is all done with. we will have dualing candidates, president obama and candidate, mitt romney squaring off, fighting in the realm of ideas tonight. now conventional wisdom says debates can rarely help you, but they can hurt you and mitt romney will be looking to do damage to president obama tonight. meantime, in swing state, colorado, debates are coming down to the last minute for everybody. the candidates and those who will be running the show. for more, we go live to danielle nottingham. >> as you mentioned, both candidates are trying to avoid any major mistakes tonight. and it will be all about the economy tonight. the first three segments will be devoted to that topic. president obama will make his case for another four years to fix the comply and mitt romney will argue it's time for a change. when mitt romney and president obama meet on this stage for their first debate, more than 50 million viewers are expected to tune in. greg wayland is an important member of that audience. he's an undecided voter. >> i think they are talking directly to me. >> wayland's top issue, the econo
mentioned the political race. president obama and mitt romney are gearing up for the second faceoff. anita brikman is anchoring down in mcclane. hey anita. >> i am in the neroom here at u.s.a. today. it's going to be our home base for our coverage of today's presidential debate on the campus of hofstra university. this is where u.s.a. today reporters will be fact checking what the candidates say and live blogging about what president obama and mitt romney say in the response to questions tonight. romney's strong performance gave him a much needed boost. the obama campaign is promising a more energized president is going to be showing up tonight. susan has the latest from hempstead, new york. >> reporter: the president and mitt romney square off here in a few hours in this less formal town hall style debate, the president needs to take control without being too aggressive. mitt romney needs to retain that dominance he had in the last debate and do no harm. >> an upbeat president obama emerged from the virginia resort where he spent the last three days practicing for debate number two. >>
romney isn't backing down. >> with the shades to himself in a key battleground state. >> hello, iowa. >> president obama continued his contentious debate with mitt romney. >> let's recap what we learned last night. the tax plan doesn't add up. his jobs plan doesn't create jobs. his deficit reduction plan adds to the deficit. >> in chesapeake, virginia, governor mitt romney offered his own recap of highlights. >> i love these debates, you know, these things are great. and i think it's interesting that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term. >> with less than three weeks until election day, the president and his republican challenger are running t of time to sway undecided voters. both are focusing on women. the president is running with governor romney's debate comments about recruiting women for his massachusetts administration. >> got to tell you, we don't have to collect binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women ready to learn and teach in these fields right now. >> romney is focusing on how women faired. >> why is it that there are 3.6 mi
: democrat elizabeth is in boca raton for the debate. she's already decided to cast her vote for romney. >> because the direction we've been in the last four years have failed us. failed. there's no debate here. look at the record. >> reporter: tonight mitt romney will work to make the case the president's leadership abroad has failed. the president will point to successes, including killing osama bin laden. the 90-minute debate will most likely start where the second one left off. the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. both candidateses have come under fire for their response to the attack. they'll also be -- there will also be be debate questions about iran's nuclear ambitions and itself u.s. -- the u.s. relationship with china. polls show the economy is the far most important issue to voters. both candidates are also expected to talk about the economy and their foreign policy answers. both candidates have had their walk threw in the debate hall and will spend time with family and friends before the start of tonight's debate. in boca raton, florida, danielle notti
that the political climate's on fire, one leesburg couple found their actual romney sign burning in their front yard. surae chinn talked with the stevens family today. >> it was a little scatter. >> reporter: a driver stopped to tell the stevens their yard sign was on fire. >> monday morning there was a knock at the door. >> reporter: that set off libby stevens' two dogs. >> there was a huge fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. before it all went up in smoke she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8- foot romney sign in their front yard. >> it is very disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them. >> reporter: this is a friendlyeesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs put up. sure, a few signs have been stolen here or there, but never have they heard of one burning down. >> everybody in our neighborhood is very peaceful and it's shocking that we would go to that length to, you know, make this a really negative political environment. >> we should be able to do this wi
of the specifics. danielle nottingham is already in denver. >> reporter: mitt romney will hold his last public event before wednesday's debate here at this hangar in denver and his supporters here say there is little room this week for mistakes. inside this denver airplane hangar gop volunteers work the phones. crews set the stage for mitt romney's last rally before his first presidential debate. >> i think a lot of people are waiting until the debate wednesday. i think that's going to be a big sway for some people to finally see them go head to head and see where they are on the issues. >> reporter: wednesday's debate at university of denver will focus on domestic policy. romney supporters want the gop nominee to show undecided voters how he'll jump start the slow recovery. >> i think he has solutions to our economic problems and that's really what's going to help everyone in this country. >> reporter: colorado is a battleground state that went for president obama in 2008. republicans here say they've already made four times the phone calls as this time four years ago. a new washington post
romney coming back to libya. >> reporter: he has no choice. libya will come up. the convention didn't go so well for him in the last debate as he tried to pin the president down. the changing stories from the administration. there will be a lot of talk about libya but then of course iran and china. you know there's a series of global hot spots. bob shaffer will take them across the poll. >> we seemed to think that president obama's last debate did help him a bit more. does he have to do more this debate to help his stride. >> polls thought obama won by 38%. he came back i think in his third debate the president does have to do you know maintain what he was able to do in the second debate. and mitt romney has to be able to sort of sustain. it'll be interesting since most people are paying attention to the economy whether on this debate it's there's an exchange that will punch through and that's a challenge for both of these candidates we'll just have to see. >> mitt romney has remained ahead in fact, it says he has 52% of the popular vote. but if you look at swing states it looks like the
. and women, they are talking about the issues. >> reporter: they are targets for mitt romney and president obama. >> being a woman is not a pre- existing condition. >> this president has failed their women. >> reporter: he used to work for a fortune500 company and says they don't have a clear picture of romney's physician. >> one issue for me is very important. i think with the regards to the economy that obama has a better plan. >> reporter: this mother of three believes the president's affordable care act will lower cost for women and also concerned about the gop's stand on abortion. >> it's like an issue out of madmen. are we in 2012? i mean why are we talking about these things right now? this is my mother's generation. >> reporter: president obama still holds a comfortable lead among women in virginia. but the recent polls show romney is closing the gap in battleground states. she believes that the economic plan will mean more opportunities for women. >> i think bringing the academic progress would be the west for them to do it. >> and lily is also happy with the health insurance, con
it will be a great benefit to children. >>> mitt romney and president barack obama are all cramming now for tomorrow's first presidential debate that goes off in denver. >> colorado still a tossup state and both candidates are fighting hard for the women's vote. danielle nottingham is at the debate site in denver. >> anita, colorado may help decide november's election and women are a key voting group. they make up the majority of the undecided in the state and will be tuned in wednesday night. carrie and her husband serve up yogurt and lattes for a living. the small business owner is supporting president obama, in part because she believes his healthcare reform law will help her provide insurance for her employees. >> 20% for a corporation to buy insurance. >> carrie thompson believes mitt romney has a better plan for helping small business. she is eager to hear him make that case. >> i think the economy is probably a major issue that is on theforefront of most people's minds. i hope that he spells out his stance on it. >> colorado isn't just hosting the first presidential debate, it is a bat
. susan reports from columbus, ohio. >> mitt romney told supporters in iowa, his policies will boost the economy. >> we're going to take back this country. we're going to keep it strong. we're going to get america going again. >> the republican nominee is headed for ohio where he will spend most of this week. >> question ohio families are asking is, who can bring back the jobs? >> new emphasis on the state and for good reason. no republican has won the white house without carrying ohio. the obama campaign is well aware of this fact and the president boarded air force one for his 14th visit to ohio this year. during previous stops, he is reminded voters he helped rescue the u.s. auto industry. >> an industry that supports one in eight ohio jobs. >> latest polls show a tight race in ohio. but early voting is already underway here and many voters have made up their minds. >> lori is a small business owner in columbus and might benefit from romney's tax plan. but she doesn't believe it will be good for the country. so she's voting for the president. >> you have to pay your fair sh
tonight is an opportunity to build on mitt romney's strong performance in the first presidential debate. the pressure is on vice president biden to stop that momentum. the two candidates will meet here at center college in nville, kentucky, the town of about 16,000 happy to play host to the millions who will be watching on television. >> i expect it to be a home run for biden. >> i anticipate paul ryan's going to clean up tonight. >> reporter: danville resident scott bonham will be in the audience. he voted for president obama in 2008. this year he's not making up his mind until after the debates. >> am i better off four years later? i'm not sure. i'm sure we hear that a lot, but i'd say at this point i'm open. >> reporter: recent polls show likely voters expect paul ryan to have the upper hand tonight, but this supporter believes it will be closer. >> i think it will end up being dre. they're both very qualified, good -- a dre. they're both very qualified -- a draw. they're both very qualified, good speakers as well. >> reporter: and we're told the vice president is spending time wi
kids a little stressful. who knew? >> but up next, mitt romney returns to the campaign trail while vice president biden stumps for president obama. >> and we want to let you know 9news now is teaming up with the red cross to donate to victims of sandy. all you have to do is "like" us on facebook and we will donate $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund. we'll be right back after the break. >>> with president obama off the campaign trail right now because of hurricane sandy, both vice president biden and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are trying to shore up votes in the battleground state of florida. >> a brand novar via shows romney has slunk the president's lead in florida to just a single point. he avoided directly attacking the president. the vice president had no problems hammering the republican ticket for not giving straight answers. >> with these guys everything depends. it depends on the audience you're talking to. >> i don't just talk about change; i actually have a plan to execute change. and to make it happen. >> and at today's rally romney asked the su
shape. >>> mitt romney hammering president obama's foreign policy in a campaign stop, but the virginia military institute. >>> we have light rain, some showers on doppler. we'll track that for you live and also, we'll show you where it snowed today. >>> up next, home video of the brawl that police say was a case of two wedding parties that had too many beverages. >>> caught on tape, two brides and one brawl. a camera was rolling when a fight broke out between two wedding parties at a downtown philadelphia hotel over the weekend. >> and that fight not only ruined two weddings, it may have also killed someone. >> reporter: the all out brawl erupted just before 2:00 a.m. in philadelphia. when police arrived, they found nearly 100 people from two different wedding parties going at it in the lobby bar. at one point, officers used batons to pull two men off each other. one man gets tossed to the ground. and in the middle of the melee, a woman in a long dress can be seen falling to the floor. >> did they just deck the bride? >> mack schultz who was in town with his family captured the sce
a bit faster than most experts had predicted, but today in ames, iowa, republican mitt romney said the economy is still not going fast enough under the president's policy. >> last quarter our economy grew at just 2%. after the stimulus was passed the white house promised that the economy would now be growing at 4.3%, over twice as fast. >> we believe for americans to succeed the middle class has to be rebuilt and grow. it's the only way the working class has a way up. >> the president was off the campaign today after wrapping up a couple days of touring the battleground states in cleveland last night. new polls show romney is gaining on the president in colorado and nevada and pulling ahead in virginia. >>> tonight our week long tour of battleground virginia brings us closer to home to one of the hotly contested counties in the commonwealth. >> prince william county has a complex diverse population marked by tremendous growth over the last decade. our andrea mccarren reports from manassas. >> reporter: not since the battle of bull run has there been such a focused fight. we know p
, this morning. later this hour he will join his running mate mitt romney at a campaign stop in pennsylvania. president obama says he's proud of vice president biden's debate performance. a cbs news poll taken right after the debate of undecided voters thought 50% thought biden won. mitt romney and president obama will square off again next tuesday in a town hall style debate in new york. bob schieffer, the hose of cbs news' face the nation, will moderate the october 22nd debate in florida. he joins us now live from washington. because you're moderating the debate, we understand you won't talk about the debate directly, but where do you see the presidential race with two debates now in the book? >> well, i think it's closer than it was and i will say this about last night's debate. i think both of the candidates helped themselves. i think as far as the debate itself, i think joe biden probably won, but i tell you the other part. i thought that paul ryan kind of passed the vice presidential test. i don't think anybody -- this will be people who vote for mitt romney and people who vote against
. obama with a slight lead, but a new poll out today shows romney with a 1% edge in the commonwealth. the question will be, can the president keep virginia blue? >> we will win a fairfax county again. we'll win virginia again. we'll finish what we started. >> at george mason university, surae chinn, 9news now. >> and the second presidential debate is scheduled for tuesday, october 16. >>> now we have breaking news for you from florida where there was a massive accident. a huge pileup. 30 to 40 vehicles involved on a highway overpass. all southbound lanes on i-75 shut down because of the crash. now the information is still coming into our newsroom. but despite all this debris, local news reports say only one trauma case. the sheriff's office says there are concerns about a possible tanker leak. maybe liquid calcium out on the roads, but that's not considered hazardous. we are following this developing story. we'll have updates if they are warranted. anita. >> some passengers consider this a critical safety issue, but the transit agency is complying with the americans with disabili
treatment. i have all the details coming up. >> but up next president obama and mitt romney preparing for tomorrow night's town hall style debate. the stakes are high in the big apple. >>> the two major party candidates for president are warming up for their second of three debates. tomorrow night's town hall style debate will take place at new york's hofstra university. president obama is preparing at a resort in williamsburg, virginia, where his campaign staff said he'll be a bit more energetic than last time around. mitt romney's team says they're expecting a more aggressive opponent this time and they're ready for him. >>> the pakistani girl who the taliban militants tried to kill has now been flown to britain for more medical treatment. >> the young activist is recovering from a gunshot to the head. we have the report from england. >> reporter: medical teams airlift mad la ed malala yousufzai to recover from the brutal taliban attack she survived last week. >> we expect her to be in hospital weeks if not months considering her injuries. >> reporter: a gunfired hitting her in he
sentiments from republican presidential nominee mitt romney. he was in debtorring, ohio today helping volunteers collect food and other supplies for families hit by the hurricane. romney said americans always come together in times of crisis. >>> and one week from today one of the two men will be elected the president for the next four years and of course a lot of americans have decided to take advantage of early voting. and today, maryland governor martin o'malley announced it will resume across the state tomorrow. you know it was canceled yesterday and today because of the weather being so bad and to help make up for the lost time the hours are being extended from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and they're adding a whole extra day for early voting that would be this friday. >>> she may not be a hurricane anymore, but we are still tracking the impacts of what was sandy tonight. thank you for joining us. >> we want to start you off with some of the headlines out of the storm at this hour. >> first off, we can tell you the federal government will be open for business as usual tomorrow. however
president joe biden and paul ryan's turn to duke it out in the debate rein. mitt romney's running mate is preparing for the vice presidential debate. democrats need vice president joe biden to do well and to help stop president obama from sliding in the polls. then beginning tomorrow at 9 p.m. usa today reporters will be live blocking about what the candidates say. you can see that live on our website www.wusa9.com. we will also be live streaming the debate on our site. make sure your tv is turned to channel 9 to watch the debate starting at 9:00 and then log onto www.wusa9.com. then join derek and anita at 11:00 as they fact check what the candidates say with the usa today fact checking team. we'll be your no political bull zone all night. >>> the national zoo says it will release the cause of death for that panda cub tomorrow. there's a news conference planned for tomorrow morning. the cub believed to have been female was born september 16th. preliminary findings show the cub had some liver problems and fluid in its abdomen. the giant panda cub was 6 days old when it died. >>> we'll
to the battleground state of virginia. mitt romney kept his focus on ohio for the entire day. >> and america wants to see big changes and we're going to bring big changes to get america stronger again. >> we've got to go forward with the policies that are getting us out of this mess and that's why i'm running for a second term. >> in fact, president obama will finish his day in ohio before heading back to washington. mr. obama picked up a big endorsement today from colin powell, but powell insists he's still a republican. >>> arlington county opened a criminal investigation into voter fraud after an indent involving congressman jim moran's son. >> 23-year-old patrick moran resigned as a campaign field director after he was seen on an undercover video discussing illegal voting. peggy fox joins us live with the latest. >> that's right. in that video posted by a conservative activist patrick moran tried several times to discourage the undercover activist from following through with his so-called voter fraud plan, but then moran offers the man specific ways to skirt virginia's new voter identification
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